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The university entrance exams in Japan are undergoing tremendous changes in 2020, and because of this education in Japan is rapidly changing. Up until now, education has focused on memorization of facts, but from now it will focus more on logical thinking, decision making, and expression skills, so we strive to raise students with those skills to collaborate with people globally.
At Ritsumeikan Keisho we are pioneers of this new educational change undergoing in Japan, and raise students who are world-class eighteen year olds. This is the motto of our school, and as such, we expect our students to live rich lives in this era, and have the ability and education to solve problems on a global scale. Beyond just absorbing abundant knowledge, we expose our students to active learning classes, project based learning, TOEFL and TOEIC, overseas and domestic study programs so that students get real experience that they will need in their lives. Not many students from Hokkaido have passed Tokyo University’s Recommendation Entrance Exam nor Kyoto University’s Recommendation Entrance Exam, but we have students from our school who were accepted through these most elite entrance exams, and this is proof of how our education correspond is leading the way towards the 2020 university entrance exam changes.
We often ask our students, “Who are you learning for? For whom are you living?” and at the same time the same for your dreams. “Your dreams are not only for you but also for others around you.” At Ritsumeikan Keisho there are endless opportunities to expand your education, and we have the teachers and faculty to support you in this endeavor. We are here to support you and be by yourside throughout some of your most important six years of your life.

Real experiences and real academic ability remain viable throughout society and are the strength that support the world.

Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior and Senior High School Principal
Nobuyuki Kuno

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