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  • 2012春の講演会 第1弾 「EUがあなたの学校にやってくる」

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2012春の講演会 第1弾 「EUがあなたの学校にやってくる」

 立命館慶祥中学校・高等学校では「本物を見せる」ということをテーマに,今年度は「Spring Program 2012」と題しまして,春に4つの大きな取り組みを行っています。その第1弾が5月15日(火)にサブアリーナにて開催されました。
 質疑の時間はなんと1時間!多くの生徒が様々な質問を大使に投げかけました。質問の一部を次に紹介すると, 「ギリシャ人は日本人のことをどう思っているのか」 「2カ国間でも大変なのに,27カ国も集まっているEUでは意見や主張をどのように調整しているのか」 「大使の仕事についてもっと知りたい」といった,大使の講話の中で興味や関心を持ったことへの質問から,「なぜ外交官になったのか」「外交官に必要な要素は?」といった自身の将来へ目を向けた質問も出ていました。
 最後の質問は,「大使は自身の「外交官」という仕事とは結局のところ何ですか」 という問いかけに対し大使は,

(担当:岩倉 衣梨奈)

Thank you for inviting us. Do you remember me? I’m the girl who asked you a question “what do you think about the world peace?” You told me that most of Japanese don’t know about Europe. If we know more about each other, we can be good partners. So, I will study English much harder to communicate with many people all over the world. And I will learn more about history not only Europe, but also the whole world. I was really moved by your lecture. Thank you so much. I want to meet you again someday. (高校3年)

Dear Mr. Nikolaos, Thank you for your great lecture today, and your lecture affected me deeply. That’s why I’m writing letter to you. My Dream is to be a diplomat in the future, so your lecture gave me a lot of information about it and EU. The reason why I want to be a diplomat is that I love to visit other countries and learn their culture. I want to discuss world problems with a lot of people from various counties. I am ready to be a diplomat. Please give me information about what I need to be a great one. Thanks a lot to read my letter.(高校2年)

Dear Mr. Ambassador, It was an honor to be able to listen to your speech. In the future, my dream is to become a diplomat, like you, and hearing your speech made me realize that I want to travel around the world and try to conserve world peace. You also mentioned that we should get to know our neighbors, learn languages in order to get to know each other. I really agree with you, and when I “do” become a diplomat, I would like to make good relationship with our neighboring countries. Thank you again for coming to our school.(高校2年)