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短期留学生の自己紹介 第2弾


Xue Jennifer

I am from New York. I turn 17 this year, and in the fall I will be a high school senior. I have not had many memorable experiences, and so in Japan. I want to make the most of my 2 weeks here. I am especially attracted to Japan’s remarkable politeness and respect for one another and even the environment. Back in Amerika, I would not have the same experience in terms of discipline and courtesy. I hope to leave Sapporo and share all the great things I’ve experienced here.

Elijah Knorpp

Hey I’m Eli, and I’m 15. I like playing guitar, making videos, and studying Japanese. I came to Japan wanting to experience the culture, and see what it was actually like in Japan.

Joshua Rampersad

Hello, my name is Joshua Rampersad. I have many hobbies. Some of which include studying psychology, reading, and playing guitar. Many things about Japan interest me. Such as Shintoism and mythology. My favorite Japanese mythology are the ones about kitsuke and other yokai. I would really like to be able to visit a Shinto shrine while I am visiting Japan.

Owen Benash


Young Vue

Hello, my name is  Young Vue. My ethnicity is Hmong, that is Miao in Chinese. I come from America and live in Minnesota. I am 16 years old. I like to learn about languages and cultures.

Lillian Rasp


Janeth Hernandez

Hi! My name is Janeth, but you can call me Jay. I love doing arts and crafts and enjoy Japanese music. I am excited to learn about the Japanese culture and to learn now to speak Japanese. So far, it has been so nice to be here. I am very excited for the other things to come while on this trip!

Edward Santos

Nice to meet you! My name is Edward Santos. I’m 17 years old and I love music. This is my first time in Japan! I hope to share this experience with you guys!

Marcus Collins

I am from Seattle, Washington. I like to run cross country and practice sword fencing. I wanted to come to Japan to enrich a new culture outside of my around have new experiences.

Kathleen McDowell-Scherer


Brandon German

I have come to Japan because of my excessive interest in Japanese culture. I decided it was time to see it for myself!

Julia Mei

I am 17 years old from the United States, Boston Massachusetts. I like to dance, cook, arrow, and play volley ball. I am here from the AFS program. I wanted to come to Japan because the language similar to the Chinese language. I also wanted to my afferent, authentic Japanese food, meet, Japanese people, explore Japanese locations, and learn and experience Japanese cultures.

Katrina Elyse Torio


Trevor Neve

I’m from Clear Lake, Iowa. I live in this country. I enjoy shooting guns and I’m currently conditioning for the US. Marine Corp. I hope to strengthen my Japanese and learn more about Japan.

Angel Martinez

I’m seventeen years old and come from New York. I like to cook, eat, sculpt, and try new things. I came to Japan because I want to know more about the world and be cultrauy diverse.